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Motorcycle Track Day Insurance

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100% Online Enrollment
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24/7 Claims Assistance

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Motorcycle Track Day Coverage

  • Provides Motorcycle Insurance Coverage While Participating in a Track Day

  • 5-Year Replacement Motorcycle Total Loss Settlement

  • Replacement Cost Optional Equipment

  • Increased Medical Payments

  • Helmets and Safety Apparel Coverage

  • Personal Property Coverage

100% Online Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions


Does this track day policy replace my normal insurance policy?

Yes! This policy provides normal on-road motorcycle insurance coverage PLUS removes the exclusion for 'participating in a track day'. 


Is this coverage available in all States?

Motorcycle Agent by The MVP Insurance Agency is licensed in 33 States. Track Day Coverage is available in most States. Complete the Quote Request for a Customized Proposal.


Do I keep this policy in force all year?

Yes! This motorcycle insurance policy replaces your current motorcycle insurance policy. The added benefit is the removal of the exclusion for participating in a track day. Coverage is included all year AND there is a discount for the months the motorcycle is in storage. GOOD NEWS = There is no forced lay-up period.


How much does this policy cost?

This motorcycle insurance policy replaces your current policy. Like most insurance policies, the cost/premium is specific to each rider. Complete the Quote Request for a customized proposal. We can set the limits to your protection preference.


How do I get a quote?

Complete the Quote Request. Each comparison is prepared individually and returned via email. Coverage is 100% Online with 1-on-1 Agent Support.

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