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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorcycle Agent by The MVP Insurance Agency is your online headquarters for motorcycle protection. We've been assisting riders throughout the United States and Canada with their Extended Service Plan enrollment and Insurance policies since 2006.

  • Who is Motorcycle Agent?

    We are an independent insurance agency that is able to assist riders with their Extended Service Plans throughout the entire United States and Canada. Through direct partnerships with multiple Extended Service Plan Companies, you are able to purchase the Best Coverage available at a HUGE DISCOUNT over other plans.

    Our other specialty is Motorcycle Liability Insurance Policies. We are currently licensed in 31 States and partnered with 7+ Insurance Companies. We will save you time and money by comparing the options for you. Enrollment is 100% online and we are the actual agent-your agent!

  • Can I Buy an Extended Service Plan Online?

    Extended Service Plans can be purchased 100% Online throughout the United States and Canada. Your motorcycle needs to be less than 12-Years Old to qualify for coverage--All Makes & Models are eligible.

    When you see "New Terms" or "Used Terms", this is in relation to the status of your Original Manufacturer's Warranty. If the Factory Warranty is In-Force--you will qualify for the New Terms. Used Terms are for bikes that are no longer covered by the Factory Warranty.

    We can align these plans' Effective Date to your current Extended Service Plan's Expiration Date.

  • How do I get a quote for an Extended Service Plan and Tire & Wheel Protection?

    Plans are available for nearly every make & model. Quote are requested online and  proposals are returned via email. We can also discuss options over the phone.

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