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Autrella Extended Service Plan

100% Online Coverage Customized For You!
Protection For All Makes & Models

Up to 5-Additional Year Plans with Unlimited Mileage Coverage!

Accepted Throughout the U.S & Canada
New: $50 / Used: $50 Deductibles
Future Contract Guarantee

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Autrella Extended Service Plan

Autrella Extended Service Plan

Provides the best option for riders that want to retain coverage for their motorcycle. Flagged VIN? This contract provides coverage for all the components originally covered under the manufacturer's warranty and listed on the contract with a small $50 deductible. Terms are in addition to the Original Factory Warranty Period. (Up to 5-Additional Years on both New and Used Terms)

100% Money Back Guarantee
Plan's Mileage Limit
Unlimited Miles
Wear & Tear Coverage
Not Applicable
Payment Options
Claims Dept
7 am - 7 pm CT (M-F)
New Motorcycles: Up to 5-Additional Years / Unlimited Miles
Coverage terms are effective from the Original Manufacturer's Warranty Expiration Date. (1 to 5 Additional Years of Coverage) Availability and pricing is based on the Original Factory Warranty's Status.
Used Motorcycles: Up to 5 Years / Unlimited Miles
Coverage terms are from the purchase date of this contract or aligned with a current Extended Service Plan's Expiration Date. Current Coverage is NOT Required.

Autrella Extended Service Plan


This Plan will pay the necessary costs of repairs for covered components to a covered motorcycle. If the manufacturer's warranty has flagged your VIN and VOID the Powertrain Coverage--this plan becomes primary. 

Tune your bike and get loud without worrying about voiding your extended service plan. Your deductible is locked in at $50--no matter where you perform your repairs. (Dealership or Independent Repair Facility)

Nationwide Coverage

Bring your motorcycle to the repair facility of YOUR choice. (Dealership or Independent Repair Facility). The $50 Deductible is the same no matter where you go.

Aftermarket Component Coverage

Aftermarket / Upgraded Components are NOT covered under this plan. If they are properly installed and not the cause of the failure, this plan's coverage terms will still apply. This plan is designed to provide coverage for motorcycles with a "Flagged VIN" or VOID Powertrain Coverage.

Unlimited Mileage Coverage

Coverage is based on time (years); not mileage. Enjoy the ride!

Claims Department: 7 am - 7 pm CST (M-F). 9 am - 3:30 pm CST Saturday.

Processing claims is fast and easy. Either YOU or the Repair Facility can start the process anytime via phone, website, or email.

Pickup Reimbursement

When a breakdown makes your motorcycle inoperative or unsafe to drive, we will reimburse you for
pickup charges incurred from a third party licensed to tow or pickup motorcycles which are not reimbursed to you by any road club
or insurance policy or covered by the manufacturer’s new motorcycle warranty. The limit to this reimbursement per claim is one
hundred dollars ($100). Valid receipts for towing/pickup service are required for reimbursement.

Travel Lodging Reimbursement

When a breakdown disables your motorcycle and you are stranded overnight and covered
repairs are completed more than one hundred (100) miles from your home, we will reimburse you for lodging and meal expenses
incurred by you between the date of breakdown and the date on which covered repairs are completed. The limit of this
reimbursement per claim is three hundred dollars ($300) not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100) per 24-hour period. Valid
receipts are required for reimbursement.

Renew Coverage

If your motorcycle is less than 20-Years old and has less than 100,000 Miles--we can renew coverage for up to an additional 5-Years. IF your motorcycle has too many miles; we can look at using the ASC Warranty Plan. (Unlimited Miles)

Transfer Coverage

This plan is transferable once during the term by the original contract holder during a private party sale. If you are trading your motorcycle, we can rewrite the coverage to your new bike!

Cancel Coverage / Refunds

If You cancel this Service Contract within thirty (30) days and no claim has been made, the
Service Contract is void and We shall refund to You or credit to Your account, the full amount paid for this Service Contract. If We do not pay or
credit a refund within forty-five (45) days after return of the Service Contract, We shall pay a ten percent (10%) per month penalty of the outstanding
amount which We shall add to the amount of the refund. The cancellation fee is $100.00, but not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the purchase
price. If Your Vehicle is declared a total loss, You may cancel this Service Contract and receive a pro-rata refund, less any claims paid. No cancellation fee will be charged.

Available Discounts

There are multiples ways to save even more money! 1.) Military Veterans 2.) First Responders 3.) Prior Clients 4.) Let us quote your Full Coverage Liability Insurance for an extra discount!

Examples of Covered Components
  • Engine Components

  • Transmission Components

  • Steering & Suspension Components

  • Fuel System

  • Primary Drive

  • Brake System

  • Electrical Components

  • Reverse Gear Motor

  • Gauges & Instruments

  • Navigation & GPS System

  • All Switches & Sensors


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