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Trike Conversion Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Customized For You!

Three-Wheeled Insurance 100% Online!

Motorcycles that were not built with three-wheels need special consideration for their insurance. Each insurance company has different requirements. We are here to assist and get you out on the road. 

Coverage for Motorcycle Trike Kits

The biggest insurance difference is the amount of Accessories Coverage on your policy. We will want to ensure the kit, labor, paint, ect are all accounted for 

Policy Benefits Designed For Three-Wheeled Riders

Lock in the value of your trike conversion kit for as long as you own it. If your motorcycle is 2-years old or newer--we can remove depreciation from the entire motorcycle for as long as you own it! Plus:

  • Accident Forgiveness

  • Diminishing Deductibles & Waivers

  • Trip Interruption

  • Track Day Coverage

  • Enhanced Rental

  • Helmet & Safety Apparel

  • Roadside Assistance

HUGE Discounts & Savings

With so many discounts available, we will be able to get the maximum savings added to your policy. 

  • Accident / Violation Free

  • Advance Quote 

  • Anti-Theft Devices

  • Group Membership (HOG, AMA, ect)

  • Homeowner

  • Military / Veteran

  • Motorcycle Endorsement

  • Multi-Policy

  • Multi-Vehicle

  • Paid in Full

  • Paperless

  • Prior Insurance

  • Safety Course


Replacement Kit Coverage


Full Coverage Insurance


All Model Years Eligible


100% Online Enrollment Huge Savings

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