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* Annual cost is based off the minimum premium for a basic liability policy.

** Not all discounts, coverage limits, and benefits are available in all states. Other restrictions may apply in some situations.

Motorcycle / Powersports Extended Service Contracts




Can-Am Motorcycles 



BMW Motorcycles



Most Brands

Are Eligible

These Extended Service Plans are NOT endorsed or affiliated with any manufacturer. These brands are referenced for compatibility only. All plans are administered and insured by the respective companies.

Ride More, Worry Less with an Extended Service Contract

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

Covering virtually all factory installed or factory approved and dealer installed components on New and Used Vehicles.

Repairs completed at the Dealership or Independent Repair Facility of your Choice.

Deductibles as low as $0!

Flexible Coverage Options

(3) Protection Packages allow you to choose your level of coverage. Customize the contract with the desired deductible & wear and tear coverage.

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Extended Service Plan

Nearly every component on your motorcycle is covered. The exclusion list is short. Wear and Tear coverage is included.

  • $0 Deductible on ALL Contracts

  • Comprehensive Exclusionary Coverage

  • Wear & Tear Coverage Included

  • Unlimited Miles

  • 12-Month Installment Plan Available

  • Up To 8-Year Terms

  • Perfect For Close-To-Stock Motorcycles


$975 or $85/mo


Extended Service Plan

Provides coverage for virtually all factory installed or factory approved and dealer installed mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic parts essential to the operation of your motorcycle.

  • Aftermarket Component Coverage

  • $0 Deductible on New Contracts

    • $50 Deductible on Used Contracts​

  • Comprehensive Exclusionary Coverage

  • Wear & Tear Coverage Available​

  • High Mileage Limits

  • Designed To Be Primary Coverage

  • 12-Month Installment Plan Available

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Claims Department

  • Up To 5-Year Terms


$1,175 or $83/mo



Extended Service Plan

All major components of the vehicle are covered. If the component was covered under the factory warranty and listed on the contract, it is covered! Wear and Tear coverage available as an add-on.

  • $0 Deductible on New Contracts

    • $50 Deductible on Used Contracts​

  • Stated Coverage

  • Wear & Tear Coverage Available​

  • High Mileage Limits

  • 12-Month Installment Plan Available

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Claims Department

  • Up To 7-Year Terms


$975 or $71/mo

Every Extended Service Contract Includes:

  • Nationwide Coverage (Coast-to-Coast including Canada)

  • Extensive protection in the event of a breakdown.

  • Towing / Pick up & Trip Interruption at no additional charge.

  • Claims paid by credit card, ACH, or check.

  • Transfer / Renew / Cancel coverage.

5 Reasons to Purchase our Extended Service Contract

  1. To protect your investment.​

  2. To avoid costly and Inflationary parts and labor charges.

  3. Obtain repair service throughout U.S. and Canada.

  4. Repair cost paid immediately by credit card, check, or ACH​

  5. 100% 15-Day money back guarantee .

Nationwide Road Hazard Coverage
Tire & Wheel Protection

TIRE SHIELD: The Nation's Oldest Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Company

> 24/7/365 Claims Department

> Purchase Coverage At Any Time--Standalone Contract

> Protect Your Motorcycle and Saving You Money

Road hazards are those unusual conditions that may occur on public roads such as pot holes, nails, glass, and other hazardous materials! The period of protection is extended until there is 2/32nds of an inch of tread depth remaining on the tire.

* NO Deductible!!

* NO Replacement Cost Limits!!

Tire Shield is a contract of protected coverage strictly for road hazard damage to tires on new and pre-owned vehicles. This contract offers you peace-of-mind protection you've been looking for.

Coverage Starts At $399 (3-Years) & $499 (5-Years)

Covered Road Hazards:

Potholes, nails, glass, other road debris causing tire damage beyond normal wear & tear.


Tire Replacement:

You will be reimbursed for the reasonable costs you incur to replace a tire, only if a tire covered becomes unrepairable due to damage caused by a road hazard.


Mounting / Balancing & State Taxes:

You will be reimbursed for the reasonable costs that you incur for mounting, balancing, valve stems, and tire disposal for any tire replaced under this plan. You will also be reimbursed for the cost of local and state taxes, as directed by state agencies for any tire or wheel replaced under this plan.


Transfer Contract:

This contract may be transferred by you to a private purchaser at the time of vehicle sale.


100% Refund if cancelled within thirty (30) days and no claims made, less cancellation fee. Prorated refund if cancelled after.


Flat Tire Coverage:

You will be reimbursed for the reasonable costs you incur to repair a flat tire caused by a road hazard while operating the vehicle on a public street.


Wheel / Rim Protection:

You will be reimbursed for the repair or replacement of wheels rendered unserviceable due to a road hazard covered under this plan. Your covered wheel will be replaced in the event that is cannot be repaired.


Towing & Roadside Assistance:

Up to $100 for a road service call on a related claim covered by this contract.


Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection Plan


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