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Autrella Extended Service Plans


Eligible Motorcycles: Most H-D Motorcycles with an Expired Original 24-Month Factory Warranty.


  • H-D Motorcycles no longer covered by the original factory warranty can qualify for up to five (5) years of coverage from the enrollment date. 


Enrollment Process: 

  • Complete the dropdown menus and add desired term to cart.
  • Complete the payment via credit / debit card.
  • After payment, you will be directed to the online enrollment form(s).
  • Email Odometer Photo to
  • Enrollment Contracts will be reviewed for eligibility within 5-Days.
  • If utilizing the installment plan, monthly installment contract will be emailed directly.
  • Approved enrollment contracts will be bound and confirmation emailed.


Contract Us Today with any Questions!


Installment Plans: In lieu of the paid in full discount, clients can utilize a 12-month installment plan for the purchase of any New Term Contract or Used Term Contract (2-Years and up).

  • Select Installment Plan from "Payment Options" Dropdown Menu
  • 10% Down Payment is required and paid here.
  • Remaining Balance will be spread over 12-equal monthly installments. The administrator will email the invoices directly each month; however, you can set up for autopay.
  • Complete the enrollment process: Payment & Enrollment Contract.
  • Installment Plan Contract will be emailed directly for e-sign.


(Picture credits - Harley-Davidson)

H-D Motorcycles: Factory Warranty Expired (Autrella)

Price Options
ASC Installment Test
$112.50every month for 12 months
  • Subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in this CONTRACT, WE will reimburse YOU or pay a licensed repair
    facility the REPAIR COST resulting from a BREAKDOWN of YOUR VEHICLE. Coverage is valid in both the United States and Canada.

  • Complete Extended Service Plan Contract can be reviewed here.

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