Extended Service Contracts

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Accepted Throughout U.S. & Canada

* No Deductible ($0)

* Transferable

The most comprehensive exclusionary coverage available. This plan provides coverage for virtually any breakdown to your vehicle and will cover the necessary costs of repairs, except for terms listed under Exclusions-What is Not Covered.

Included in this contract is the replacement of covered components resulting from the gradual reduction in performance due to normal wear and use, when the wear exceeds the manufacturer's specification.



Can-Am Motorcycles 



BMW Motorcycles



Most Brands

Are Eligible

These Extended Service Plans are NOT endorsed or affiliated with any manufacturer. These brands are referenced for compatibility only. All plans are administered and insured by the respective companies.

New Motorcycles: Up to 6-Additional Years

Unlimited Miles!

Terms are added to the End of the Factory Warranty. Motorcycles with at least 30-days of original manufacturer's warranty can qualify.

 MY2020 to MY2016 are eligible.

Starting at $975 or $85/mo with 10% Down

Used Motorcycles: Up to 3-Additional Years

Unlimited Miles!

Coverage terms are from the purchase date of the contract or in-line with a current Extended Service Plan's expiration. Motorcycles with no current coverage can be eligible to enroll. MY2008 and newer are eligible.

Starting at $998 or $101/mo with 10% Down


We will pay the necessary costs of repairs for ANY Breakdown to your vehicle, with a $0 deductible, except for terms listed under Exclusions-What is Not Covered.

Examples of Covered Components

* Engine 

* Water Pump 

* Turbo/Supercharge (Mfg Installed)

* Transmission

* Primary Drive

* Drive Axle Assembly

* Front and Rear Suspension

* Steering



* Brake

* Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

* Electrical

* Gauges

* Fuel System

* Touring Bikes

* Seals and Gaskets

$0 Deductible 

Contract plays the entire cost of repair, for any approved mechanical breakdown. No Deductible.

Unlimited Mileage Coverage

Coverage is based on time, not mileage. Enjoy the ride!

Nationwide Coverage

Complete your repairs at Any Manufacturer Dealership or Independent Repair Facility with the same low deductible throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Rental Reimbursement

This contract will furnish or reimburse your for rental transportation after your motorcycle is inoperable due to a covered mechanical failure. Limited to thirty dollars ($30) per day and not to exceed ninety dollars ($90) per occurrence.

Claims Department: 8am - 6pm CST

Processing claims is fast and easy. Either you or the repair facility can start the process anytime via phone, website, or email. 

Pick-Up & Delivery

Pick-up and delivery charges up to one hundred dollars ($100) will be reimbursed when the failure of a covered component disables your vehicle.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Coverage up to one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence: (1) Towing Assistance (2) Battery Boost (3) Flat Tire Assistance (4) Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery

Travel Interruption Assistance

You will receive reimbursement up to seventy five dollars ($75)  per day for a maximum of three (3) days for expenses for meals and/or lodging in the event of a covered repair occurs more than one hundred (100) miles from home.

Transfer Contract

This contract is transferable once during the term by the original contract holder during a private party sale.

Renew Contract

Vehicles may be eligible to extend coverage at the time of renewal.

Cancel / Refund Contract

100% Refund if cancelled within thirty (30) days of the application date, less any repair cost paid. Pro-rata adjustment for time or mileage, which ever is greater, less any repair cost paid and a $50 processing fee after that period.



1. Any part not originally covered for the full term or is specifically excluded by the manufacturer warranty. The following parts: batteries; audio equipment; accessories; tires; loose securing hardware; bent shift forks or bent valves (unless caused by failure of a covered component); stuck valves due to carbon build-up, snowmobile skis/tracks/clutch belts, clutch weights/rollers/pins/bushings, wheels under snowmobile track; hyfax/slide rail; mirrors; thermostats; hoses; coolant; belts; lubricants; bulbs; LEDs (light emitting diodes); anodes; cables; fuses; final drive chains, belts or sprockets; shock absorbers (except the rear shock absorber on Vehicles described as Motorcycle (On-Road Only) on the Information Page); fluids (unless required to repair a failure of a covered part); seals and gaskets (except Platinum Coverage on New Vehicles and Vehicles described as Motorcycle (On-Road Only) on the Information Page). Fasteners.


2. Maintenance services and parts described in Your vehicle’s owners manual as supplied by the manufacturer and other normal maintenance services and parts including but not limited to: spark plugs and spark plug wires, ignition points, positive crankcase ventilator valve, all filters and parts damaged due to dirty filters, friction clutch assembly, clutch master cylinder, brake – shoes, disc pads, drums, rotors. Tune-ups, alignments and other maintenance services and parts, even when used in conjunction with replacement of covered parts. For 2 stroke engine, pistons, piston rings and wrist pins. Refer to owner’s manual for periodic maintenance and replacement intervals for required maintenance items.


3. Repairs or replacements that did not have prior specific authorization by administrator.


4. Any failure of components still under the dealer’s and/or manufacturer’s warranty. Failure of parts subject to recall for repair and/or replacement by the manufacturer or for the repair to any component/part covered by the Federal Emission Warranty, or a repairer’s warranty.


5. Repairs to seized or damaged engine due to continued operation after a failure is known or should have been apparent to the operator. Customer is responsible for making sure the oil warning light/gauge and the temperature light/gauge are functioning properly before operating the vehicle.


6. Damage caused by pre-ignition detonation, pinging, improper or contaminated fuel or improper engine adjustments.


7. If Gold Coverage is purchased, repairs to parts of the vehicle not specifically indicated under the Gold coverage section of this Agreement.


8. Liability in excess of the actual cash value of the specified parts and of the labor for the repair or replacement thereof.


9. Damage caused by loss of oil, lubricant or coolant regardless of the cause.


10. Failure when vehicle is used for hauling a trailer(s) without manufacturer’s recommended trailer towing equipment or hauling trailers in excess of rated capacity of the vehicle or failure to follow the manufacture’s operator’s manual.


11. Failure when vehicle is used for rental, racing, competition driving, sustained high speed use, acceleration, trials, hard or abusive operation including but not limited to, wide open throttle operation, high speed acceleration or shifting of transmission gears at high engine rpm.


12. The following commercial applications will not be covered. Such exclusions will include, but not be limited to: vehicles used for livery or hire; snowplowing; rental; police, fire or emergency; pool vehicles or vehicles which regularly have multiple operators; and vehicles with nonstandard equipment installed specifically to facilitate commercial use.


13. Failure of parts substituted for standard or optional equipment, not intended by the vehicle manufacturer to be used in the described vehicle, unauthorized alteration, improper installation of attachments or parts; any repair resulting from a non-authorized part or accessory.


14. Failure caused by reverse polarity, power surge, electrolysis, overload, engine sludge or corrosion; rust, residue or corrosion in radiator (if equipped) or heater core; damage due to carbon build up on cylinders; and repairs to correct loss of compression or oil consumption related carbon or worn piston rings or valve parts.


15. Failure of any parts covered in this contract if any hi-performance, competition or other non-standard equipment has been installed in described vehicle or if any engine parts as supplied by vehicle manufacturer have been disconnected or altered to increase performance.


16. Any liability for property damage or for injury to or death of any persons arising out of the operation, maintenance or use of Your vehicle, whether or not related to the parts covered. Loss of time, expense, profit, income, storage charges, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, or any other loss that results from a failure (except as provided under the benefits or coverage herein.) This contract does not provide coverage AGW CPS (10.15) VSC Page 6 of 9 Customer must receive pages 1-9 for damages for bad faith, punitive or exemplary damages, personal injury including bodily injury, property damage (except as specifically stated in the contract) and attorney’s fees. Incidental or consequential damage.


17. Damage to a covered component resulting from a failure of non-covered component.


18. Failure caused by ruptured or damaged rubber boots.


19. Repair or replacement of a covered component/part to correct conditions that may reasonably be assumed to have existed at the inception date of the coverage provided by this Agreement.


20. Malfunctions resulting from collision and/or accident, vandalism, neglect, abuse, misuse, falling missiles or objects, fire, theft, larceny, explosion, lightning, earthquake, windstorm, war, hail, water, flood, malicious mischief, riot, civil commotion, labor difficulties, aesthetic damage including but not limited to scratches, paint deterioration, dents, nicks, normal wear and tear, natural disaster or acts of nature.


21. Any failure occurring outside the United States of America or Canada.


22. The total cost of covered labor and parts in excess of the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the repair or failure.


23. Any failure occurring prior to the service Agreement purchase date, or if information provided by you or a repair facility cannot be verified as accurate or is found to be deceptively inaccurate.


24. Warranty of Merchantability and Warranty of Fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded.

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