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Auto Extended Warranty Protection

Get Covered & Stay Protected!
100% Online Enrollment
Service Anywhere
Take your vehicle anywhere for service.
Specialized Motorcycle Coverage
100% Coverage
All covered parts and labor are paid 100% including taxes, you just pay your deductible.
One on One Assistance
0% Financing For Everyone
All customers qualify to finance our vehicle service contracts with 0% financing - No Credit Check Ever
24/7 365 Claims Assistance
Roadside Assistance
Complementary National Roadside Assistance

Get Covered Today Now Offers Warranty Coverage for Your Autos!
Enjoy maximum protection against costly repairs with maximum coverage.

Why Buy a Vehicle Service Contract 

Protect Your Budget:
The cost of automobile repairs have soared over the past few years. The technology in modern vehicles is expensive. Labor rates have also been on a steady climb as well. Unexpected auto repairs can break your budget and your savings. Many repairs cost thousands of dollars. Most people do not have those funds laying around for an unexpected repair. And no one wants to be without a car. A vehicle service contract will help pay for some of these unexpected repairs and keep your vehicle on the road. The cost of the coverage can be financed by your financial institution leaving you with just a small monthly payment increase for coverage.

Peace of Mind:
Having a vehicle service contract can help give you peace of mind, knowing many of your future unexpected cost will be covered. Protecting your vehicle with a vehicle service contract can help you avoid the future stress of unexpected repair costs.

Added Benefits:
In addition to the repair coverage, you also receive added benefits such as: Toll Free Roadside Assistance, Rental Benefits, Trip Interruption included with your coverage
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