Compass Platinum Extended Service Plan

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Up to 6-Additional Year Plans with Unlimited Mileage Coverage!

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Compass Platinum Extended Service Plan

Compass Platinum Extended Service Plan

Provides the most comprehensive exclusionary coverage available. Covers repairs for any breakdown to your motorcycle, except for terms listed under exclusions, with no deductible ($0). Wear & Tear Coverage is included. Designed for motorcycles that are close to stock form. Terms are in addition to the Original Factory Warranty Period. (Up to 6-Additional Years on New Motorcycles & 3-Years on Used Motorcycles)

100% Money Back Guarantee
Plan's Mileage Limit
Unlimited Miles
Wear & Tear Coverage
Payment Options
Claims Dept
8 am - 6 pm CT (M-F)
New Motorcycles: Up to 6-Additonal Years / Unlimited Miles
Coverage terms are added to the End of the Original Factory Warranty!
Used Motorcycles: Up to 3-Additional Years / Unlimited Miles!
Coverage terms are from the purchase date of this contract or aligned with a current Extended Service Plan's Expiration Date. Current Coverage is NOT Required.

Compass Platinum Extended Service Plan


This Plan will pay the necessary costs of repairs for ANY Breakdown to your motorcycle, with a $0 Deductible, except for terms listed under Exclusions--What is Not Covered.

Nationwide Coverage

Bring your motorcycle to the repair facility of YOUR choice. (Dealership or Independent Repair Facility). The $0 Deductible is the same no matter where you go.

Aftermarket Component Coverage

Aftermarket / Upgraded Components are NOT covered under this plan. If they are properly installed and not the cause of the failure, this plan's coverage terms will still apply.

Unlimited Mileage Coverage & Renew Ability

Coverage is based on time (years); not mileage. Enjoy the ride!

Claims Department: 8 am - 6 pm (M-F)

Processing claims is fast and easy. Either YOU or the Repair Facility can start the process anytime via phone, website, or email.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Coverage up to one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence: (1) Towing Assistance (2) Battery Boost (3) Flat Tire Assistance (4) Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery

Travel Interruption Assistance

You will receive reimbursement up to seventy five dollars ($75) per day for a maximum of three (3) days for expenses for meals and/or lodging in the event of a covered repair occurs more than one hundred (100) miles from home.

Renew Coverage

This Plan's Coverage includes the unlimited mileage benefit. The ability to renew is ALSO unlimited mileage. Your motorcycle must be <12 Years old.

Transfer Coverage

This plan is transferable once during the term by the original contract holder during a private party sale. If you are trading your motorcycle, we can rewrite the coverage to your new bike!

Cancel Coverage / Refunds

100% Refund if cancelled within thirty (30) days of the application date, less any repair cost paid. Pro-rata adjustment for time or mileage, which ever is greater, less any repair cost paid and a $50 processing fee after that period.

Available Discounts

There are multiples ways to save even more money! 1.) Military Veterans 2.) First Responders 3.) Prior Clients 4.) Let us quote your Full Coverage Liability Insurance for an extra discount!

Examples of Covered Components
  • Engine

  • Water Pump

  • Turbo/Supercharge (Mfg Installed)

  • Transmission

  • Primary Drive

  • Drive Axle Assembly

  • Front and Rear Suspension

  • Steering

  • Brake

  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

  • Electrical

  • Gauges

  • Fuel System

  • Touring Bikes

  • Seals and Gaskets

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