Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

We've partnered with the best motorcycle insurance companies in the industry to provide riders with a policy that fits their needs. Motorcycle insurance policies start at $75/year* and can be customized to you and your motorcycle.

Coverage options are separated into two (2) sections: Policy Level Coverage Options and Vehicle Level Coverage Options. This flexibility allows you to build the policy around your needs, budget, and preference. Here is a summary of the available options, which may vary by state and insurance company.

Policy Level Coverage Options

Bodily Injury & Property Damage

Provides medical coverage for occupants of other vehicles injured in a collision for which the insured is at-fault. Also provides coverage for the property of others involved in a collision.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments coverage typically provides coverage for reasonable expenses incurred by an insured person for necessary medical treatment, services, or products provided to an insured person for bodily injury caused by a covered accident. This coverage is per person.

Death Indemnity & Disability Income

Available as a package and pays a specified amount if a motorcycle related accident is the cause of death or total disability of an insured person.

Guest Passenger Liability

Guest Passenger Liability coverage typically provides coverage for guest passengers other than the driver of an insured vehicle, while this person is in, getting into or out of (on or off) an insured vehicle.

Underinsured & Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury coverage typically provides coverage for certain damages which an insured peson is legally entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an uninsured/underinsured vehicle because of bodily injury sustained by an insured person in a covered loss.

Vehicle Level Coverage Options

Replacement Coverage--No Depreciation

Lock in Replacement Coverage for as long as you own your motorcycle. Street-driven vehicles that are two (2) model years or newer can qualify. In the event of a loss, depreciation is removed and the policy pays for a brand new, current year model. This benefit NEVER expires.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Comprehensive provides coverage to repair or replace your motorcycle if it's stolen, vandalized, damaged by fire, or collision with an animal. 

Collision provides coverage to repair or replace your motorcycle if it is damaged in an accident.

Towing and Emergency Expense

Towing and emergency expense typically provides reimbursement to the insured for necessary towing and labor charges should your motorcycle become disabled. This can include jumpstarts for dead batteries, fixing flat tires, gas if the tank is empty, and actual towing.

Transport Trailer

Provides Physical Damage coverage for a trailer designed to transport a motorcycle. 

Accessories and Safety Equipment

Provides coverage for items that were not originally included by the manufacturer of the vehicle as identified by the VIN number. (Custom paint, exhaust, saddle bags, chrome accents, side cars, ect.) Replacement Cost is available on most motorcycles.

Diminishing Deductibles

If selected and available, this option applies to Comprehensive and Collision deductibles. The deductible is reduced at each renewal as long as the policy is claim free until the deductible is $0.

Transportation Expense (Rental)

Provides coverage for the expense to rent a substitute motorcycle after a physical damage loss.

Trip Interruption / Travel Loss

Provides coverage for transportation, lodging, and meal expense as a result of a disablement of your motorcycle 100 miles from home.

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* Annual cost is based off the minimum premium for a basic liability policy.

** Not all discounts, coverage limits, and benefits are available in all states. Other restrictions may apply in some situations.

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